"Equiping the saints for the work of the ministry"

The Missionary Church International


Bishop "Bob" is the presiding The Missionary Church International in the USA. 

The Reverend Judy Covington who with her husband Ben [who is now with Jesus] founded the organization many years ago. 

 TMCI brings together all walks of life who have God's calling upon their lives and need a ministry covering as well as a legitimate affiliation with non-profit status with the IRS. 

TMCI is a recognized denomination within the denominational structure of the Church that Jesus is building throughout the world. 

TMCI is a loving community of ministers who desire to see the Kingdom of God established in the hearts of people all over the earth.

TMCI's main mission is to bring people to the cross of Jesus so that they might receive salvation. 

To contact TMCI check out their website at: