"Equiping the saints for the work of the ministry"

The Mission is the action!

The Vision of In Him Ministries is to co-labor with the Lord Jesus Christ in this new season of Awakening of the Body of Christ to become the Bride of Christ in all the world. It is the time for the sons of God to arise and use their God-given authority in the Name of Jesus to bring the Kingdom of God near to all the earth and the peoples of the world. 

We have entered into a new era of ministry with the Holy Spirit as His Glory is being poured out once again. While in communion with the Lord He showed Pastor Karol the following vision: 

I laid down in the arms of the Lord and closed my eyes and began to talk to Him. Suddenly I heard a sound that was not of this earth. I was not sure what it was so I asked the Lord what was that sound and what was that language? 

The Lord did not answer me directly but I felt a warmth overflow me and then I heard the sound again and when I heard it this time I knew that it was the blowing of the shofar. Then I saw men in regal clothes who are princes standing on a map of the world. Each one stood on a nation and the Lord said to me that He was blowing the shofar over the nations. 

We are to blow the shofar over our nations. The blowing of the shofar was a call to wake up the Holy Ones. It is a call to begin speaking to the nations we have been assigned to and to call up the Holy Ones to begin marching over the land because the harvest has begun and the workers are sleeping. I saw healing coming. I saw flowers blooming. I saw dead men rising. It is time now for the harvest is ripe and the angels are gathering waiting for the sons and daughters of THE LORD to be revealed.

It is time for a united front of blood bought soldiers to speak the Word of the Lord over the nations, not in judgment but in blessing. Not By law but BY GRACE. This is not a time for judgment but for Grace because judgment comes from the hand of the Lord on those who are lost forever. 

This calling forth is for the living to arise and begin to bless and spread the Glory of the Lord across the world. This is the first call to awake for the believer. There will be more and then the last call when we will be taken out of the way so that the hand of judgment can have its fullness upon the enemies of GOD and all those who have rejected THE MESSIAH JESUS.

Awake! Awake! Deborah Awake! 

 At another time in communion Pastor Karol received this from the Lord: 

 A revolution of the Spirit has begun and those who are in tune with the Spirit will hear it coming and they will see it coming. It is not a natural event but supernatural as it is not from this dimension of time but from the dimension of the Spirit. 

God is behind it and it is a time of wonder and awe. People will wonder from which it came but they will be awed by the splendor of it. Many will bow their knees willingly but all will bow down under the power of it. Not all will accept it but many, O so many will. Their eyes are about to be opened to something far bigger than themselves and there will be a turning away from flesh and people will turn to Me, says the Lord, and they will accept Me. 

There will also be those among who will scoff and doubt and who will refuse Me but do not allow their rantings to disturb or take you by surprise I am on the move for the time of the end draws near and the enemy's time is up.

 My people arise for the storm is coming but I am in the midst of the storm to carry you out safely. Do not fear the storm that will come after the Glory because I am with you and will not leave you. But rise up! Rise up and ride the storm on the wings of my angels and know that nothing from here until the end will ever be the same again. 

Those who are ready will overcome but those who are not ready will struggle and be tempted to fall away. Rise up, Rise up for surely I am with you and surely you will see my Glory cover the earth. All will be revealed in the light of my love and those who are mine will flourish and those who are not will pass away like the wind.

 So Rise up, Rise up for the time of the Great Awakening has come and the Glory of the Lord will fill the earth once again.

Our Mission is 

To inform the Body of Christ through teachings and devotionals concerning the moving of the Holy Spirit in the earth today as well as teaching who we are in Christ in order to make disciples and leaders in the Body who will go and co-labor with the Lord in the harvest fields where they live or are sent.