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"Daily Devotional


the main ministry of IN HIM MINISTRIES includes daily devotionals and teachings sent out Monday-Friday with the exception of American holidays. They are messages that will encourage you and inspire you as well as challenge you in your journey with the Lord.


is a scripture reading to start your day off with a word of

encouragement. They are in English, German, Spanish, and Swahili. We hope to include other languages as well in the near future. They are designed for those who do not have time for a lengthy Bible study in the morning. They are meant to encourage and to uplift as well as challenge you to want more of God.



is a commentary on the scripture or a theme from the Bible. The Old Testament and the Hebrew language is full of types and shadows of Jesus and things that are to come. The New Testament is the revealing of Jesus as the Messiah and who we 

are in HIM. These messages are meant to encourage you to dig deeper into your own study of the scripture as well as reveal the fact that everything in the Bible and in life is done by design. There is nothing that happens by chance or coincidence. There is a God who is not only the creator of the Universe but also a Daddy (Abba Father) and a Kinsman-Redeemer and Bridegroom (Yeshua, Jesus the Christ) and a Friend and Comforter (The Holy Spirit) to all of us who are believers IN HIM. Hidden Manna reveals the hidden mysteries and Bible codes of the scriptures and helps to enlighten and illuminate the truths of Grace, who The LORD is, and who we are in Him.

From His Heart To Your Heart are words from the heart of THE LORD each day to your heart. Many times they are prophetic in nature and other times they are a personal confirmation to those who have asked the Lord for a Word or clarification of a Word. 

A simple line of the Word to be applied to your life is the power of confessing.

We pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the nations of the Middle East. Current news, prayer needs, and even prophetic fulfillment and utterance can be found here.  

These are prayers that current for the times or sometimes just pertain to the lesson or prayers that Pastor Karol will pray over you. 

On Friday when the weekend Shabbath begins the God Morning Messages will be shortened to include a thought or scripture to "meditate" or think upon over the weekend. 


are sent Monday-Friday

They are also available with or without graphics. 

You must request this service by contacting Pastor Karol on the contact page. Also if you wish to receive them on your phone you must be subscribed to your Internet Service Providers email system or Google mail. 

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