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"Equiping the saints for the work of the ministry"


What is "IN HIM" and                      

who is Pastor Karol?

 In Him Ministries International is an independent ministry chartered by The Missionary Church International in Columbia, South Carolina, under the apostolic ministry of Bishop Robert Coulter and The Rev. Judy Covington (co-founder with her husband Bishop Ben Covington who is now with the LORD.) 


Pastor Karol was born again and Spirit-filled in the Spring of 1963 and called by the Lord to preach the Word in 1982 

She was ordained in June of 1985 in Aschaffenburg, Germany by Bishop Ben Covington and The Rev. Judy Covington, the founders of TMCI.  At the time of her ordination, she was pastoring "Living Faith Fellowship", a church for American soldiers and their families as well as German nationals. The church moved from Aschaffenburg to Hanau, Germany the following year. In 1987 she returned to the United States and In 1988 Pastor Karol began "In Him Ministries" with a portable typewriter and a mission from the Lord to send out encouraging monthly newsletters to missionaries. In 2000 the Lord commissioned her to begin In Him Ministries International and with 10 email addresses and an old computer she began to send out daily "God Morning" devotionals which she has continued to do today.